Are Marketing and Gaming Apps a reason for Concern on Facebook?

A discourse on existing problems can be enriching even when an obvious solution does not emerge. Getting a bigger perspective from like-minded people offers up an objectivity factor, often overlooked in the software technology industry deeply involved in upgrading and maintaining versions. This breakaway from routine activity is healthy for iphone app developers as well.

Two major events mentioning social media have unfolded this month: Inside Social apps and the ongoing Social media Week, mentioning important causes and concerns, present and future trends pertaining to apps, particularly Facebook apps.

Social Gaming through innovative apps

It is correct that Facebook Credits haven’t proven successful in revenue generation and conversion rate. It became obvious over the course of discussions that Facebook is facing a challenge competing against other platforms as far as gaming is concerned. Game developers are turning to other 香港交友app platforms because of Facebook Credits’ discouraging low conversion rate. For Facebook to worry about monetary returns is understandable, but success is something they need not worry about. Even when games are popular on independent or other platforms, discussions and exchange of information, for instance, the game, among users, remains common. There is more to meeting new people than gaming, and Facebook is leading the social platform so far. The future looks bright for Facebook and developers, who may be too rash in their decisions, will return.

The concept of ‘social’ gaming refers to the fact that action involves a high level of interactivity. This is not just with command board of a select group of friends, but a broader circle that continues to expand. A respected representative of a gaming zone suggested that developers should hang out creating new and unique games rather than on adding variations to borrowed concepts. The picture should become clearer by now: create new, enticing games on the using the same platform. Credits and therefore, revenue will increase naturally.

Social marketing through content management

Brand promotion through social media has proven volatile on the earlier successful campaigns. Forecasts are not as positive on this front. Facebook and Twitter may be pioneers in advertising on social media, but there is such a thing as overcrowding with excessive users on a platform. In addition to the massive free advertisements, the traffic jam on Facebook’s newsfeed has thus obliterated what promoters claim as wasted marketing.

Content is highly the prime tool for marketing, needs to be mode of distribution. Therefore, Facebook needs to reevaluate the sort and quality of content presented and based not just on user demand, but concentrate on molding their mindset towards in order to standardize advertisements. This applies to direct and roundabout marketing tools used invariably on Facebook. The interdependence of content with social media ought not to be undermined. Entrepreneurs and SME businesses will be using other avenues, such as the Web video and social television. Tran media will enhance interaction and take marketing to another location level. If all goes well, virtual marketing will take away viewers away from the off the shelf tv sets and through such successfully enhanced experiences, but not without demonstrating that content they offer is preferable to any other medium.

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